Our answer to small and medium garages who are looking for a convenient cleaning solution.

The Evolution Cleaner Machine (FCM5000) is the perfect machine for all those small/medium garage who are looking for a convenient and effective solution to clean all types of particulate filter of cars of every size.
It is fully automated and performs every step of the cleaning from washing to drying in one simple procedure.
The machine runs a backpressure test before and after the cleaning in order to verify the quality of the cleaning. The values can be printed on a receipt and delivered to the customer.

  • Small size and competitive price
  • Recommended to small/medium garage
  • Cleans all size and types of car DPFs


External Dimensions1000 x 1400 x 1700 mm
Tank CapacityLt. 300
Power Supply3 PH + T – Volt 380­/400
Power ConsumptionKw 8
Air Compressor (not supplied)Lt 100 / 10 Bar
WeightKg 360 - 500
Equipmentdifferential automatic pressure, touch screen, printer 
Material fiberglass
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