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20+ Years of Experience

The First to Use Water

NUOVA AFR is the company that paved the way in Europe for the concept of REGENERATION of the particulate filter, becoming the leader in the field.

Today our Company is a point of reference for insiders and beginners who want to undertake this activity, thanks to a group that has been working daily for over 20 years in close contact with particle filters.

We have been pioneers of regeneration since 2002, when we developed the Eco Filter Machine: a machine that cleaned all kinds of air filters of industrial vehicles, buses, trucks, construction equipment, air conditioners and dust collectors.

With vision and creativity, we upgraded Eco Filter Machine for cleaning particulate filters of cars, buses and trucks and we can say that time has proved us right: soon the entry into force of the European standards on pollutant emissions Euro 5 and Euro 6 led DPF and FAP to inexorably make their appearance in the lives of drivers.

We tested the limits of traditional regeneration methods already existing in America, which were based on heat treatment, ultrasound and additives. After years of practice and experimentation, in 2004 we finally introduced our revolutionary project into the market: Flash Cleaner Machine, a machine that combines the force of water and air to give a definitive solution to all operational problems to which the now obsolete DPF cleaning methods do not provide an answer.

Flash Cleaner Machine is our successful proposal for DPF cleaning, the result of an in-depth knowledge of particulate filters and of existing cleaning methods; of a technical ability acquired in twenty years and of an equally long experience dealing with the concrete difficulties of drivers and mechanics.

With Flash Cleaner Machine and its variants, NUOVA A.F.R. has changed the way of recovering the Diesel Particulate Filters, strengthening its presence in Italy and in the world.

To date, the company continues to look to the future with a proactive approach and a philosophy of constant commitment and continuous improvement.


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The History of Flash Cleaner Machine

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The best solution for dpf cleaning for your customers

The output of a 20-years Experience, our machines meet all the needs of your customers

Why choosing NUOVA AFR?

We have been the first in the world to use water for Diesel Particulate Filter recovery, changing the global market.
Thanks to our experience as a manufacturer and as operator, we have gained the trust of hundreds of DPF experts who have become our fond customers and collaborators today.
Satisfied Customers
Our happy customers are our best business card
Constant Support
We support our customers during every step: from the purchase to the post-sale assistance. Everyday we share opinions and suggestions with our customers.
Express Deliveries
In case of need, we always have spare parts available in our warehouse for express shipping. We rely on express carriers who deliver all around the world.

Certifications and Awards

Our machines have been on the market for years and have already obtained various certifications and awards.


Flash Cleaner Machine is Patented EUROPEAN PATENT NR EP2500078

Made in Italy

All our machines are Made in Italy

Registered Trademark

Flash Cleaner Machine is a registered trademark