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The first to use the water


Here at Nuova AFR we are leading the way in the DPF cleaning thanks to a team which has worked closely with the particulate filters for almost 10 years. Now we are proud to present a unique and efficient solution which can simplify the life of the professionists in the field.


Schermata 2016-05-31 alle 10.37.37We are pioneers of regeneration since when, in 2002, we developed Eco Filter Machine, a machine that cleans all kind of air filters of industrial vehicles (buses, trucks, construction equipment, air conditioners and dust collectors). With farsightedness and creativity, we upgraded Eco Filter Machine for cleaning particulate filters of cars, buses and trucks and we can say that time has proved us right: soon, with the entry into force of the European standards on pollutant emissions Euro 5 and Euro 6, DPF and FAP have inexorably made their appearance in the lives of drivers.

After years of practice and experimentation with Eco filter machine, testing the many limits of the heat treatment of DPF, in 2004 we designed and put on the market a revolutionary product: Flash Cleaner Machine, a machine which uses the only force of the water to solve in a definitive way all the filters cleaning problems, like any other obsolete cleaning system (ultrasound, heat, additives) has never done before.


Flash Cleaner Machine is our successful proposal for DPF cleaning, it is the result of a profound knowledge of particulate filters and cleaning methods, of a technical skill which we gained in ten years, and a long experience dealing with the concrete difficulties of drivers and mechanics. Flash Cleaner Machine is really changing the way of cleaning consolidating its presence in Europe and USA.


Flash Cleaner Machine: chronological evolution 2002-2015

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