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What it is and what it is used for To understand why Euro 6 diesel cars must necessarily mount the SCR catalyst, previously used only on trucks, we must start

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Gpf: The Particulate Filter For Petrols

Study In 2013, the European Federation for Transport and the Environment (T&E), a non-governmental organization whose objective is to raise awareness of Europe on environmental protection issues, commissioned a study

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What’s EURO 6 EURO 6 is an European standard about the reduction of pollutant emissions of light passenger and commercial vehicles in force from Sept. 2014 for new models and

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FAP: how does it work?

FAP is a particulate filter designed and patented by Citroën-Peugeot group which regeneration system is characterised by the using of an additive, cerium oxide. The combustion of the PM10 naturally

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FAP and DPF: what are they?

During the combustion of fuels, the engine produces many exhaust soot particles which are harmful to the environment and to people’s health like carbon (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (UHCs), nitrogen oxides

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The Best Solution For Dpf Cleaning For Your Customers

The output of a 20-years Experience, our machines meet all the needs of your customers

Why Choosing NUOVA AFR?

We have been the first in the world to use water for Diesel Particulate Filter recovery, changing the global market.

Thanks to our experience as a manufacturer and as operator, we have gained the trust of hundreds of DPF experts who have become our fond customers and collaborators today.

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