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You will use one single pipe to wash, measure the backpressure and dry

You will work without worries: the cleaning process does not damage the DPF in any way

You will clean DPF / FAP / SCR of any size and weight

You will be able to work easily even very large and heavy filters thanks to a low work surface and a spacious cabin.


FCM2000 is a versatile and practical model that well fits in any need. It makes it possible to clean particulate filters (DPF, FAP), oxidation catalysts (DOC) and selective reduction catalysts (SCR) of any type of vehicle.

It has been designed for industry experts who process large quantities of filters and is particularly recommended for cleaning truck DPFs or SCR catalysts.

In fact, the large cabin, the work surface just 80 cm from the ground and the special rollers make this type of work quick and easy.

Furthermore, the free-standing engine unit allows two cabins to be connected at the same time and to double the production capacity.
It works with a single dispensing pipe and for this reason it performs the entire cleaning cycle, from washing to drying, with a single program and without interruptions.
All components are made in Europe, including the electronic part.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of FCM 2000
Dimensions + Weight Main Body
1270 x 800 x 1345 mm – 340 kg
Dimensions + Weight Universal Cabin

1300 x 1000 x 2000 mm – 300 kg

Power Supply
3 PH + T + N – Volt 380­/400
Power Consumption
Kw 8
Air Compression
Lt 100 / 10 Bar

The Best Solution For Dpf Cleaning For Your Customers

The output of a 20-years Experience, our machines meet all the needs of your customers


Intuitive display that allows you to set the machine according to your needs, or to work automatically by choosing between two predefined programs.


Integrated printer that allows you to print the filter back pressure values ​​before and after cleaning: an excellent verification tool to be delivered to the end customer.


The work surface at 80 cm from the ground allows you to easily handle both the DPFs of the trucks and the SCRs.


The engine body separated from the cabin allows you to link two cleaning units and double the production capacity


A 300-litres tank to be filled only once with running water and a worktop that supports up to 200 kg of weight.


1 washable and reusable filter + 2 5-micron filters that capture the particulate matter and keep the water and ducts of the whole machine always clean.

Why Choosing NUOVA AFR?

We have been the first in the world to use water for Diesel Particulate Filter recovery, changing the global market.
Thanks to our experience as a manufacturer and as operator, we have gained the trust of hundreds of DPF experts who have become our fond customers and collaborators today.
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