FCM 4000

The FCM2000 and FCM4000 combine water and vacuum to clean all of the types of particulate filter (DPFs), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOCs) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) of every size.
They are recommended when it comes to clean a large amount of filters because they have a quick automatic cleaning program (one filter in 5 minutes) and digital back pressure measurement.
Drying should be done externally, in order to maximize operational capacity.The innovative filter system, which consists of two filters (one of which washable), guarantees clean water for each cleaning cycle.

  • Cleans all DPF, DOC, SCR
  • Recommended for high volumes (+20 units per day)
  • Only 5 minutes to clean one truck filter
  • External dryer available to make the process even faster
  • Completely automated machines

The FCM4000 is specifically designed to clean truck DPF. It is made of one main body plus one specific cabin for the cleaning of trucks filters.

The pressurization system combined with air and water guarantees the cleaning of a filter of any size in 5 minutes!

It is possible to add a second cabin, the universal cabin (FCM3000) and the specific accessories to be able to clean all of the types of particulate filter and catalyst and air filters.

Recommended for the cleaning of high volumes of truck filters.


Dimensions + Weight Main Body 1270 x 800 x 1345 mm
340 kg
Dimensions + Weight Universal Cabin 1300 x 1000 x 2000 mm
300 kg
Power Supply 3 PH + T + N – Volt 380­/400
Power Consumption Kw 8
Air Compression Lt 100 / 10 BAR
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