External Dimension2320 x 1000 x 2000
Inside Washing Capacity1800 x 600 x 1000
Floor Load CapacityKg. 200
Tank CapacityLt. 240
Power Supply3 PH + T+N – Volt 380­400
Vapour ExtractionKw 0.75 ­ 600 m3/h
Power ConsumptionKw 7.5
Air Compressor (Not Supplied)Lt 100 / 10 Bar
WeightKg 550
Equipmentvapour extraction, differential automatic pressure, filter fixing mechanism water heating, touch screen, printer
Materialstainless steel
Special Featureswater recirculation system, you always work with clean water without changing it.


  The touch­screen display shows 2 basic parameters to detect the filter condition and to set the cleaning cycle (washing and drying time) properly: the backpressure (mbar) and the air­flow (m3/h).
When the cycle ends, it is possible to compare the initial and the final parameters in order to verify the quality of the cleaning.


You can print the same data on a receipt (also sticker) and deliver it to the customer or stick it on the filter.
Maximum 3 languages settable.


  We integrated an adjustable platform on the Total System Flash Cleaner Machine model in order to enable the cleaning of the biggest and heaviest DPFs. The star­shaped disk where the filter stands goes up or down to fit the dimensions of the filter. The adjustable pneumatic arm keeps the filter still during the dispensation of water.


  The worktop of Flash Cleaner Machine is made of a stainless steel grid which can bear up to 200 Kg of weight. During the cleaning cycle, the water flows through the hole placed under the stainless steel grid into an underlying tank and once filtered and purified it goes back in circle.


  The breakwater wall let the dirty water flow on the worktop without soiling the walls of the washing cabin.


  We equipped Flash Cleaner Machine with specific filtering cartridges to collect the PM10 which comes out from the filter during the cleaning and to avoid the contamination of the water. In this way we can assure clean water for each cleaning cycle. There are 4 cartridges placed on one side of the machine inside stainless steel containers. The manometer on the top of the containers shows the filling status of the cartridges: when the level of collected PM10 reaches the limit value, you need to replace them.


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